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Stage Floor hire

To calculate your stage floor quote we will use the following:

Size of surface area (either £150 or £225)

- maximum size is 12 feet x 20 feet for one hire which is approx 6m x 3.63m

Set of steps = £25

4 x journeys calculated at 45p per mile

Hours of labour for staff at £12.50 per hour. (Total build and de-rig time rated at 2 hours and travel worked out based on driving time). 

So, for example... if a 1 hour, 45 mile trip for the larger stage surface area with steps, this will cost £225 stage + £25 steps + (6x£12.50=£75 labour) + (4 x 45 miles x 0.45 = £81 mileage) => total to client of £406.   The closer to us you are the cheaper the service to the client.

We can do multiple day offers and also sometimes can arrange delivery the evening before/collection day after for a small additional charge if that would suit your event, e.g. for a wedding. 



Note: that the venue access must be directly via a door close to the vehicle and on ground level as this staging cannot be moved up stairs.

Also note that this staging is not dry hired but delivered, setup and removed and movable only by us.  Our risk assessment and liability for its safe use only exists if this is adhered to. The event organiser is completely responsible for the safe use of the stage and the security of our product once we have left the venue/site.  Any negligence, loss or other costs will be fully payable by the event organiser.  We enjoy supporting friendly, genuine and kind people like ourselves and would only expect the same respect in return, so please look after our kit as we look after you.