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Terms & Conditions (Event Contract)

Thank you for taking the time to read your event contract.

1.  50% non-refundable deposit is to be paid upon ordering the service and booking the event.  Payment must be made within 7 calendar days of making an arrangement and booking an event to securely 'book' it.  Failure to submit payment within 7 calendar days will result in your dated booking being removed from our system and another event organiser could potentially book an event during your requested slot/day/weekend instead of you meaning you could lose your preferred event date.  Inspire Generation Ltd will hold the deposit as 50% of the total fee of the booked event.  Payments are accepted via PAYPAL or bank transfer.  Where possible we would always prefer PAYPAL (to email address- inspiregeneration@hotmail.com) for the security of your payment and immediacy of securing your deposit/event booking).  

2. The further 50% to complete the full amount of the event fee is to be paid by 7 calendar days before the calendar day of the event.  Failure to provide payment 7 days before the event may lead to Inspire Generation Ltd deciding to cancel their involvement in the booked event unless the payment can be processed immediately and contact with Inspire Generation Ltd has been made to discuss and agree this.  Inspire Generation Ltd however hold the right to cancel the booked event if the complete payment is not received 7 days before the calendar day of the event.   Please note that 100% of the fee for the event can be paid in full upon booking the event should the customer choose this as their favoured option.  In the very unlikely event that Inspire Generation Ltd cannot complete the event due to fault of Inspire Generation Ltd the full fee of 100% will be reimbursed to the customer.   In the event that the customer has to cancel the event, then the non-refundable deposit of 50% will be held by Inspire Generation Ltd. 

3. Inspire Generation Ltd are not a hiring or lending service, and they do not do dry hire.  They are are team of one to three staff (dependant on the required degree of service) who will bring, set-up and run the required service for your event, from creative lighting solutions to sound and public address to live mixing and recording services.  We bring, setup and run our equipment and services for you.  The event organiser is fully responsible and liable for any logistics and organisation required with any performing acts however Inspire Generation Ltd will be fully involved with supporting their live show requirements.   

4.  Inspire Generation Ltd is an independent, limited business held by shares and the full payment of the event fee will mean a legally binding process where the company will carry out the event as booked and the customer will respect these terms and conditions.  No prior payment means no booking and no show.

5.  Inspire Generation Ltd has its own business insurance for its property and goods for while in transit, at the business address and whilst being accompanied and handled by employees of Inspire Generation Ltd only.  No other person (only employees of Inspire Generation Ltd) may handle, move, control, lift/carry or damage any property or goods owned and/or used for events by Inspire Generation Ltd. 

6. Damage or financial loss due to theft, misuse or accident or other caused by another person (not an employee of Inspire Generation Ltd) will be fully liable to financially support or replace the damaged or loss items.  See below* for detailed 3rd party or event organiser considerations. The business insurance held by Inspire Generation Ltd will only cover damage or loss should the venue or location or vehicle have been locked, proven to have been broken into with force, or whilst employees of Inspire Generation are present, for example, items or a set-up can only be left if the other party are responsibly liable and if it is in a locked location.  In most realistic situations however Inspire Generation Ltd will set-up on the premises on the day of the event and remain in contact will their equipment unless certain arrangements as stated above are necessary.   *Please Note: If weather or other conditions are such that equipment owned by Inspire Generation Ltd may be at risk from damage, theft or other loss then Inspire Generation Ltd reserves the right to dismantle, pack up safely, not setup, or pack up early.  This will not affect the non-refundable deposit which remains with Inspire Generation Ltd nor will it affect the remaining 50%, as up to 7 calendar days before an event and including on the event date the total amount is payable.  Any refunds of any kind are at the discretion of Inspire Generation Ltd and late notice cancellations due to weather remain the responsibility of the event organiser and not the fault or liability of Inspire Generation Ltd.  Usually weather issues include sufficient rain cover and ground covers and outdoor considerations by the event organiser to ensure the event can continue without issue.  Health & Safety dictates that all electrical and equipment owned by Inspire Generation Ltd which use power and that will be affected by the weather should be under cover if outdoors by waterproof cover or otherwise should be inside.  Failure for the event organiser to organise this could mean an interruption in the event beginning and or the event begin cancelled.  Any loss of equipment or breakages caused by this not being considered effectively and or should a third party damage or cause loss to any equipment no matter how small, the event organiser by adhering to this contract and by booking Inspire Generation Ltd takes full responsibility for the health and safety of all involved, and full responsibility for all parts of the event including taking consideration for equipment owned by Inspire Generation Ltd.  Should any third party damage or cause loss to this equipment the event organiser takes responsibility to organise that the third party refund the cost of the damage or loss; this can be dealt with through preventative measures in that the event organiser speaks with every colleague and or band member about being careful, having no open drinks container and or glass drinks container on stage or near to equipment, that if a colleague or band member, etc. should break a microphone, cable, light or other equipment that they personally will be liable to pay or refund the cost for damage or loss (because until then, the event organiser will be liable to pay or refund for this).   Any damages or loss will be notified to the event organiser within 7 calendar days of an event completion and this contract expects that any loss or damage is repaid within 14 calendar days of that notification by email.  Inspire Generation Ltd holds business insurance for its contents, however, Inspire Generation Ltd will not be liable to pay a higher premium because of careless behaviour from a third party or an event organiser's misconduct or disorganisation.  This item is detailed here in these contract terms is meant to outline the respectful manner that needs to be undertaken by the event organiser and the culture of respect build through all of the colleagues and attendees and others (e.g. band members- they all need to be aware that if they personally cause loss or damage that the event organiser will pass on this cost to them).  In conclusion of these various conditions and worst case scenarios, if  the event is cancelled less than 7 calendar days before the event date due to weather, or  any other condition at no fault of Inspire Generation Ltd then the total amount is still to be payable to Inspire Generation Ltd.  Inspire Generation Ltd will only follow the insurance route for loss or damage to contents if no known third party causes theft or if it is clear that neither the event organiser or anyone in attendance are to be held responsible for payment of the loss or damage.  Careless behaviour by attendees resulting in loss or damage does not come under this and should have been pre-empted and pre-managed by the event organiser and so leaves liability with them and the attendee/s who caused the loss of damage, even if accidental.  Inspire Generation Ltd only has this clause in to raise awareness of the cost of running this business and the cost of its equipment, and how important it is that the event organiser oversees, takes responsibility and works with all attendees and Inspire Generation Ltd in reducing any potential loss or damage, to nil.

7. Inspire Generation Ltd is insured with public liability up to £1million and as previously mentioned, only employees of Inspire Generation Ltd are to have direct contact with setting up, moving and managing the equipment, but said employees are expected to be working in a safe location with friendly and respectful people.  Bands and attendees may correctly use the equipment (for example if performing as a musician) but under the guidance of Inspire Generation Ltd and after respecting and accepting the terms outlined in this terms and conditions.  Any attendee or band member who speaks out of turn or is not working alongside Inspire Generation Ltd in a respectful, kind and appropriate manner will be ejected from the stage, event or other scenario unless agreeing to adopt the appropriate professional and kind manner.  The events organiser needs to support Inspire Generation Ltd in this decision and Inspire Generation Ltd will be willing to have a meeting with those in question to see if further resolve can be met but if not, and the disrespect continues then the event organiser will be responsible in ejecting said individual/s from the stage, event or premises.  Discrimination, abusive and other negative treatment (including that from people under the influence of alcohol and drugs) (and if anyone's behaviour presents potential danger to personnel or to equipment or transport) will give Inspire Generation Ltd employees the legal right to leave an event at the moment of the abuse, and the booked event will be cancelled or ceased to continue without refund.  All employees deserve the right to feel respected, as they will indeed treat each customer with a similar level of warm respect and professionalism too.   We feel our business is one of support and so collaboration and respect are paramount for a professional and successful event for all.   Should any event organiser, attendee or band member subject Inspire Generation to any unnecessary stress, disrespect or unkindness, (or physical or verbal abuse) this may result an immediate respectful meeting being called to raise concerns and bring attention back to these terms and conditions and to the positive reasons for the event, or unfortunately to a premature event closing, a formal complaint or even a statement of harassment about the person/s involved.  In this worst case scenario, legal action and advice will be taken in accordance with the Police, public liability insurance and legal bodies and through trading standards agencies and events agencies.

8. Inspire Generation Ltd may be booked for private, public and corporate events providing there are clear means of communication with the organiser and payment as stated in terms 1 and 2 are completed as expected.

9. Inspire Generation Ltd is a registered company name under Companies House and has chosen a preferred contact method of email: inspiregeneration@hotmail.com.  If you send us an email with your event and any questions, please add in your phone number and then we will call you back within 72 hours.  Within office hours we are also contactable via 07595726264.

10. Inspire Generation Ltd reserves its right as a self-promoting business to use its advertising banner and advertising business cards at any event where its services are being used.  The event organisers may choose to support Inspire Generation Ltd in the location of this banner and also gratefully in the distribution of advertising business cards.

11. Agreement of these terms and conditions acts as a contract for service between the event organiser and Inspire Generation Ltd that by following these rules and through legal support of the insurer and coordination with the event organisers we may create a positive, and supportive event for all attendees. 

12. Inspire Generation Ltd have an up-to-date and regular PAT testing service done and regular spot checks on all of its electrical equipment to ensure safety and effective working equipment.  Inspire Generation Ltd has its own health and safety questionnaire which should be read by the event organiser no less than 7 calendar days before an event.  The event organiser is ultimately responsible for the health and safety at an event or all equipment and of all persons in attendance.  The event organiser (whether commissioned or working o behalf of another, e.g. organiser working on behalf of a university, school, show, fete, festival or other) needs to understand and consider that the event and their organisation or governing body is wholly responsible for the safety of everything and everyone for the duration of the event.  Inspire Generation Ltd can support in this by sharing how they have considered the health and safety of the services they are running and the event organiser is responsible in sharing this with other colleagues and attendees (including and bands and guests- in reinforcement of the above point in Section 6). 

13. For music events where bands are playing or a large setup is required- To support in creating an effective show and positive atmosphere for everyone in attendance and effective working environment for Inspire Generation Ltd, the event organiser is responsible for allowing and arranging in a healthy amount of time for setup and set down by Inspire Generation Ltd but also for the bands.  Should there be a series of bands playing then it is very important to allow for enough time between bands for set down, stage clearing and then set up, to avoid bands running late/being put on late or running too close to curfew, and or causing unnecessary stress for bands and or Inspire Generation Ltd because an unrealistic time was given to change musicians over.  The event organiser is responsible for this and should either be in attendance working alongside Inspire Generation Ltd, should be within fast reaching distance throughout the event or should have another person designated instead to convey messages and be helpful, but whom takes the responsibility that is also held by the event organiser.

15. For any outdoor or indoor events it is the responsibility of the event organiser to arrange for an efficient, effective, reliable and safe power supply to last for the duration of setup, the event itself and set down.  This may be in the form of a powerful 63amp, 32amp or 16amp (or even 13amp if a number of plugs or rings available) power supply from indoors with cables provided or it may be via a reliable generator which must be at least 6KW in power output but 6-15KW is more desirable for music festival sized stages.  Again, cabling to reach the event in the form of at least 32amp or 16amp power supplies must be catered for.  Inspire Generation Ltd will provide all of it's own 16amp lighting cabling, 13amp power cabling and more but only for within the stage/event setup.  Inspire Generation Ltd can supply adapters from 16amp to 13amp (and 13amp to 16amp) but only for its own use on stage.  And Inspire Generation Ltd can supply a power distribution unit with RCD trip switches to safely run and distribute power to all of the required areas, upon request/arrangement.  However, It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure that the actual power supply is arranged, that it is powerful enough, is safe (is earthed and will not trip or cause dangerous surges which can harm people and equipment) and is on site at least in time for set up (furthermore, if running a generator, sufficient fuel and spare fuel should be on site, but if running of a main power ring, it should be either a separate ring or one where no other power will be drawn which could affect the show or cause tripping/show turning off! (e.g. kitchens being turned on!)  All of these considerations can help to create an effective, well planned and wonderful event for you and all in attendance.

16. Inspire Generation Ltd wants to thank you for booking its services and for agreeing to the above legally binding permissions, terms and conditions of service and respect by signing on a paper copy.  

We very are passionate about our service and in working with you to provide a wonderful event for everyone in attendance.  


Inspire Generation Ltd.     

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