Seven Deadly Sins (band): 'Will from IG

looked after the sound at a small festival

we played at recently.  Easy set up and

got just what we asked for. '

Private Festival: (festival organiser)'...That looks incredible and is very impressive!'

Nottingham University (Event organiser for a ball):

'Inspire generation are a very enthusiastic and professional

team which provided an excellent standard of lighting and

were very flexible, allowing the band to utilise their sound tech

also...They are incredibly affordable considering the amount of

kit they bring and use, as well as having experienced tech

engineers to control all the fabulous lighting and sound - tech

which can really set the mood of the night.  We were a small

gig of 150 attendees, but the team arrived at the venue early

and eager to get going! They were well set up, well ahead of

schedule - which as an organiser means that you can rest

assured any last minuet tweaks have been ironed out well in

advance - a nice re-assurance so that you can crack on with all

the other bits of organising!'

Bearfoot (band): 'Probably one of the

most attentive and best sound engineers

we have had. And a really great guy too.

Great sound and lighting shows. Very

advanced technology....'

A Million Fingers (band): ...'We had a great time working with them at a recent gig.  Their lighting rig looked fantastic.  They were friendly, professional and a we hope to work with them again soon.'

Fogworth Festival (festival maker/attendee): 

'You won't be disappointed! Brilliant sound

and lighting to go with a real top guy who

likes perfection!!! Book Now!!!! 🎀🎸🎼'

Private Party: '...they were absolutely brilliant organising a lovely light show and sound system which had people dancing until late...'

Tripwire (band): 'Will is approachable, knowledgeable and conscientious, going the full mile to make sure the event and the bands have everything they need. He was the first one awake on the morning of the festival and the last one to go to bed afterwards on both days - he is a machine! His light shows are also truly spectacular. Don't hesitate to make Inspire Lighting and Sound a key part of your event.' 

Cultural Festival (festival organiser): 

'...the stage was perfect for our needs and looked great in the city centre.  The sound was clear and will be in touch for next year.'

Memorial Event (Event organiser): 

'...the lights were exactly what we asked for 

and more.  Thank you so much for helping us achieve what we wanted; it means a lot.'

Inspire Generation - Sound, Light, Stage Hire events company β€‹                 Sound and Light Hire  & Stage Hire  

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Private Festival: (festival organiser)'...'Just beautiful; it looked and sounded amazing!'

School Graduation Ceremony (School Staff):  'The sound was very clear, you could hear every word!'

A fully insured, electrically certified and registered business for a reliable sound, light

and stage hire service.  Setup by an enthusiastic chap called Will the business has always been centred around people and supporting an event in its success.  Years of experience in the music and events industry and within the public and private sector, including with schools and young people, Will is Safeguarding L3 trained, has Advanced DBS and will support you in achieving the best quality of light, sound, stage and event running but for an incredibly affordable price.  An events company like no other.  With networks with other sub contractors for larger events requiring more crew Inspire Generation is the best choice that you will keep coming back to.

All packages and services include a technician to bring, setup and run the equipment during the event!

Staffordshire based and covering England

Yewstock Festival (festival organiser): 

'...what a fantastic event it was this year...Will put together a fantastic light and sound system worthy of much bigger festivals...'